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Your culture is your growth engine. How healthy is yours?

We help organizations change their culture. WinningWise helps organizations intentionally define, create and transform to the desired culture that will enable them to best achieve their business objectives where: 
  • Outcomes are CLEAR.
  • Leaders and teams are ALIGNED on a few key priorities.
  • Leaders and talent are ABLE to perform.
  • People are INSPIRED.
Across industries, sizes and geographies, the top five culture challenges we hear when we start working with clients are:
  • Low or inconsistent performance/accountability
  • Shortage of capability in leadership and talent
  • Inconsistent alignment
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Low morale/engagement
To transform culture, we offer solutions in three areas:
  • Workability: identifying key processes, systems and/or structures that most enable the new culture and make it easier to work in the new way
  • Capability: developing both the mindset and skill set of the leaders and talent to work in the new way
  • Accountability: designing and implementing measures/metrics that reward leaders and talent for transforming to the new culture.
Our methodology to transform cultures is to (1) Assess the current state of the organization’s culture using our proprietary Culture Assessment; (2) Define the future state and identify the gaps; (3) Design the culture change; (4) Implement the change by building solutions for both Workability and Capability challenges; and (5) Design and deliver a 30-60-90 day communication plan, as appropriate and desired.

Key Takeaway: To be a Company with a Culture that Inspires Growth

Tools of the Trade

  • Entire Organization
  • A variety of assessments
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Facilitated sessions
  • Team sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Redesign processes
  • Communication plans and roll-out
  • In-person meetings
  • Virtual meetings
  • In-person facilitated sessions
  • Webinars
  • Min. 6 months
We’d love to help you transform your culture!