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Assess to Grow

Help your leaders learn and understand their leadership style to grow and become even better leaders. Our standard 360 assessment gets to the heart of what it means to be a leader. We can also customize an assessment to your company’s values, competencies or leadership behaviors. Our 360 Process is completely customized. We use your language. We make it fit your culture. We debrief the assessments and create action plans with participants in a way that adds real value. We help them find their patterns and most critical nuggets of information so that they can go forward and make a development plan. Our clients tell us over and over again that the debrief and action planning completely changed what they garnered from the assessment.
Additionally, we offer other Behavioral and Psychometric Assessment tools including, but not limited to: MBTI, Hogan Suite, EQ, DiSC, Hay Group, Creatrix. We follow up all assessment(s) with coaching conversations. These conversations include debrief sessions and creating a strategic development action plan, as appropriate, with experienced certified coaches.

Key Takeaway: Personalized Action Plan for Personal Change

Tools of the Trade

  • Leaders of all levels
  • 360 assessment with full-service administration
  • Min. 2 one-hour debrief and coaching sessions per participant
  • Optional additional sessions for continued growth
  • Optional in-person facilitated session for continued learning
  • Action plan handout
  • In-person individual debrief/coaching session
  • Over-the-phone individual debrief/coaching session
  • 1-hour sessions
  • 2-7 sessions per person
We’d love to give your leaders personalized feedback on how they’re doing!