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Our Mission

Our mission at WinningWise is to create simple and practical solutions that transform cultures and develop people to GROW, ACHIEVE and DRIVE new and improved outcomes.
We are focused on CHANGE. We inspire change. We help organizations and individuals personally change, grow and transform in order to achieve, and ultimately, do more. Our work supports and strengthens the organization’s culture, mission, goals and objectives by working with leaders, teams and individuals to develop both mindsets and capabilities for greater success.


Our unique combination of consulting, point of view, facilitation, and talent management assessment and development tools focuses on creating solutions that will continually improve your business and produce new and greater outcomes.
Our values matter to us. They set the standard of behavior and results to which we hold ourselves accountable every day.

We Partner

We are your CoachPartner.

We know everyone says they partner, but we MEAN it! We are flexible in how we approach our work so that we can best accommodate your specific needs, objectives and desires. With us, you get CoachPartners—we listen to you, we welcome your feedback, and we will challenge you. We are successful when you are successful. Period!

We Are Relentless

We set the bar high, and we deliver.

We believe you deserve solutions that maximize value and drive better outcomes. We always bring our “A” game and energy to our work. Our expectation is that you will be thrilled with the experience working with us, excited by the outcome AND that we will work together again.


We Are Passionate

We have FUN and love our work!

We value and respect each other. We are a TEAM—we deliver more, we deliver smarter, and we deliver better quality solutions because of the way we work together. As a team, we are more than anyone of us is individually. We simply won’t work any other way.

We Think

We produce innovative, cutting-edge AND practical solutions.

We have a strong point of view and a growth mindset. We bring experience and strong subject matter expertise, AND we are constantly learning—we research, we study, we learn from our clients and each other, we reflect, and we challenge each other to do more, think deeper and deliver cutting-edge solutions.


Our Core Team


Robyn's energy, positivity and enthusiasm permeate everything she does. “My ultimate goal is to inspire growth and development in leaders and in organizations to create greater performance, engagement and leadership,” she says. Creating change and making it stick is what drives her. Robyn is a sought-out speaker/facilitator on leadership subjects and has 25+ years of experience in executive leadership and team development, change and transformation consulting, talent management, and executive coaching. Through her deep subject matter expertise, she aims to help others drive new outcomes by strengthening their insight and awareness and developing real action plans that propel new behaviors and achieve new results—ultimately shaping more successful companies and communities. Prior to WinningWise, Robyn has founded and led two Executive and Leadership Development consulting organizations and she has worked in internal Talent Management roles.

Robyn Clark

Founder and President

When you’re looking to shake things up, Akshata’s head is always full of new ideas. Her innate and reliable talent for combining out-of-the-box thinking with her passion for people development continually helps her find new solutions to virtually any problem. As a recent graduate of Northwestern University’s Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change program, she has nine years of experience in strategic and operational human resources. Prior to WinningWise, Akshata worked on organization structure, talent strategy and people development as HR Manager for ITC Limited, India’s largest CPG company.

Akshata Narain

Director, Program Development and Senior Consultant

Jeff Carroll specializes in career and executive coaching and brings more than 20 years of broad-based business and human resources management experience. In addition, Jeff spent four years as a faculty member in the College of Business at Northern Illinois University designing and directing a leadership development program. Jeff’s background includes extensive experience in Career Transition, Talent Management and Executive Advisory Services. Jeff possesses strong interpersonal skills that allow him to work effectively with all levels of management, especially at the executive level. In addition, he exhibits a passion for enhancing an organization’s capability through the use of succession planning, leadership development and strategic coaching. Jeff has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Illinois State University.

Jeff Carroll

VP, Client Partnerships
Kate v2

Kate believes inspiration is everywhere. She is passionate about helping others feel inspired to follow their dreams and do whatever makes them happy. With a background in marketing and journalism, she hones her creative marketing, writing and social media skills to share how leadership development can transform a company. She has a natural ability to pinpoint the most important piece of information and get ideas across in a concise, but detailed, manner. Through blogging and social media, she hopes to bring WinningWise's vision to life—she firmly believes that improving your work life improves your whole life. Outside of WinningWise, Kate co-writes a blog called People with Panache, all about showcasing women in the Midwest who are pursuing their passions. Prior to WW, she was an analyst at IRI, a global CPG data analytics company, and before that worked in magazine advertising production at various publications.

Kate Baratta

VP, Operations and Director, Marketing