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Strategic Talent Leadership

Specifically designed for Senior Leaders who lead organization change and strategy, participants in this program will build awareness and insight into their strategic leadership capability with our 360 Strategic Leader Assessment. Expert facilitators work with the groups to increase confidence and commitment in focusing on the bigger picture and utilizing strategic thinking skills. The outcome is increased strategic capability to create and drive a strategic vision and plan for your company.
Start by exploring the Shared Success partnership required for sustainable SUCCESS, and then focus in on very specific methods for coaching development opportunities and plans, as well as, how to have those critical but strongly desired conversations. The manager/leader owns the talent lifecycle and talent experience, and this program equips them to work with their employees to strengthen their performance and career. Everybody wins – the leader, the employee and the organization.

Key Takeaway: Strategic Action Plan for Growth

Tools of the Trade

  • Mid – Senior Level Leaders
  • Interactive exercises
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Lecture with audience participation/discussion
  • Role plays
  • Small group discussion
  • Skill-building exercises
  • 360 assessment
  • Relevant handouts and materials to take home and reuse
  • In-person facilitation
  • Full-day session
  • Half-day session
We’d love to help your leaders think more strategically about their talent!