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Strategic Thinking and Planning – Action Learning

Help your middle manager get past the three dreaded development words: “Be More Strategic.” Most leaders hear that at some point in their career growth and have little to no idea how to solve for that need. We help leaders learn the elements of showing up more strategically and a process to apply those elements in their work. Each participant learns how to use a Strategic Thinking Planner and actually begins the work of thinking through a situation from a more strategic perspective.
StrategyWise Lab (A Strategic Change Leadership Experience)
Leaders take a deep dive into leading strategic CHANGE in this ultimate, hands-on, experiential lab setting. Unless you’re leading change, you’re not leading, and this program helps middle-level leaders learn what it takes to lead and inspire real, meaningful and lasting organizational change. Participants actually engage in the classroom in strategic thinking and planning conversations with each other to identify the change leadership required around an actual, relevant change opportunity for the organization. They explore all the elements of moving forward strategically, i.e. exploring stakeholders, discovering others’ points of view, creating a vision, inspiring colleagues, creating a communication plan and communicating those priorities, executing with strength and developing people along the way, etc.

Key Takeaway: Strategic Action Planner, Tools and Frameworks

Tools of the Trade

  • Mid- to senior-level leaders
  • Interactive exercises
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Lecture with audience participation/discussion
  • Role plays
  • Small group discussion
  • Skill-building exercises
  • 360 assessment
  • Relevant handouts and materials to take home and reuse
  • In-person facilitation
  • Full-day session
  • Half-day session
We’d love to help your leaders think more strategically about what they’re leading!