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Our Offer

At WinningWise, we provide talent development and engagement programs that help you and your organization achieve and succeed by:
  • Exploring a way of thinking and behaving so that YOU can THRIVE and SUCCEED.
  • Generating insights and actions for how to strengthen your CONTRIBUTION to the organization.
  • Moving forward with clarity on YOUR actions to drive greater PERFORMANCE, ENGAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP for both yourself and the organization.
We develop the mindset and capability of your people:
Leaders — (Executive, Senior and Mid-Level)
Leadership Teams — (Executive Level)
Talent — (Front Line Leaders and Individuals)
WinningWise is a Leadership and Talent Management and Development Consulting Firm. We specialize in Executive, Leadership and Team Development, Culture Transformation, and Talent Engagement. Our emphasis is on Inspiring Change – we work to support growth in individuals, teams and organizations.

Our Differentiators

How we Partner. We are obsessed with meeting our clients’ objectives, needs and expectations. We believe our success together is shared – your success is our success. We listen, and we design innovative, customized solutions targeted to your specific organizational requirements, needs, challenges and leaders. We build relationships with our clients; we get to know you – your people, your organization and your business. We will make recommendations to you that will leverage your strengths and overcome your challenges. You will have consistency with us—the same people from our organization will be working on your project from beginning to end, and all the learning we take in will just help us to give you more.
We work relentlessly to create solutions that best meet your needs. We start all of our design work with a detailed discovery process where we listen to all of your needs and requirements, your unique challenges and your participant profile. Equipped with a detailed understanding of your background, history, culture and needs, we design custom solutions that are best suited for your organization. We value feedback—it helps us create stronger and better solutions for you and your team. We are connected—our team is dedicated and available around the clock to answer any questions or provide information you may need. Creating client solutions that are real, effective and meaningful is our ultimate mission.
Our Solutions. We have creative, innovative, fresh, new, simple and easy-to-apply solutions. We have never seen theoretical or complicated (even if right) solutions be easy to apply. And without application – there is no impact. We design and deliver solutions that make an impact for individuals and organizations. Our cutting-edge solutions have been utilized, tested and proven at all different leadership levels and within different types of organizations both nationally and globally. We base our solutions on the most current research and thinking, and we believe that the simplest approach is the best approach for producing the best outcome. We ensure that today’s latest and greatest “theory,” without getting bogged down, is the foundation of our tools, frameworks, and approach. We know how to put it all together to make it easy to use and easy for individuals and organizations to win.
All of our intellectual property, including our programs, tools and frameworks for leadership development, are the result of more than 70+ years of our cumulative experience and research. Because we are the designer of our tools/frameworks, we are malleable and flexible in our approach in how we use them, ensuring that they adapt to and support your specific needs. We also make our solutions very engaging and interactive. We want to maximize the connection participants feel to the content, and to do that, we challenge ourselves to create and deliver customized and relatable exercises, role plays and discussions. For our newest innovation, we’ve created lab experiences for participants that are all almost 100% experiential and discussion focused.
Our Passion and Dedication. We are passionate about leadership development. We work tirelessly to create development solutions and experiences that go beyond expectations. We do not give up until we have it right. As your partner, we listen to feedback—we are enthusiastic about helping you find the right leadership development strategy and key solutions to grow and develop your talent. We create inspiring learning processes for personal change/growth. It’s that process that creates the experience for our participants to engage and embrace personal change – because it makes sense.
Our Expertise. We know our craft. We are experts in our field. As a team, we have more than 70 years of experience in this work—and our founder has more than 30 years of experience. We are fully cognizant of the latest and greatest theories and research in our field, and because we “get it,” we can synthesize those points of view very easily into simple-to-understand-and-apply solutions. We are skilled facilitators, consultants, designers and project managers. We know how to “take-in” and understand your organization. We provide good counsel. We will bring our knowledge, expertise, flexibility and creativity to you. Combine our expertise with our passion and dedication to service, and it’s a winning combination.
Outcomes that Matter. We believe in a simple 4-stage process for achieving sustainable change and growth (Get it, Want it, Do it, Keep it up). “Get it” is about self-awareness. Leadership growth needs to be personal—each leader needs to have access to personal insight and clarity on their areas of growth. To “Want it” means that every leader is motivated to authentically grow and develop, and generally, that is a combination of internal and external motivators. “Do it” is understanding and moving forward on the right actions for success. “Keep it up” is all about setting up accountability measures and metrics. We achieve real, meaningful and lasting results. The sustainable results you can expect are improved performance, enhanced engagement and strengthened leadership.

Industries We Work With

Banking – Annual leadership conferences (200+ leaders nationally); Facilitated sessions with leaders and talent across all levels, topics include having difficult performance conversations, giving and receiving feedback, development planning, leadership development and strengths, leadership values, strategic thinking, innovative thinking, and new leader onboarding; Executive coaching for mid- to senior-level leaders
Real Estate – Leadership development and talent consulting; High-potential development programs, including custom 360 degree assessments; Executive coaching, including assessment debrief, action planning and implementation work; Facilitated learning sessions for teams and individuals
Insurance – Culture transformation, including strategic leadership development; Strategic planning and execution, executive business coaching; Career development conversations
Marketing Research – Leadership development, high-potential development program, career development workshops, including coaching; 360 degree assessments and development planning; Team development sessions; Team and individual coaching; Executive coaching for key leaders; Talent engagement (all levels) webinar series on Career Conversations, networking and change management; Talent management consulting
Manufacturing – Talent management strategy; Goal setting process design, implementation and training; Executive coaching for key leaders; Team development sessions; Change management and communication planning; New leader assimilation and onboarding; Performance management process revamp; Talent management consulting
Services and Educational Institutes – Career conversations, development planning, leadership sessions

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